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Don’t eat our election money like you did in 2019 – Correctional personnel warn


Don’t eat our election money like you did in 2019 – Correctional personnel warn

Personnel of Nigerian Correctional Services have warned their bosses not to tamper with Allowances appropriated for them to provide services during the just concluded general elections held on 25 February and on 18 March 2023.

They recalled that during the 2019 general elections such moneys, never got to them whereas their counterparts in other sister agencies in the Ministry of Interior had all received their election duty allowances.

Speaking in Calabar on conditions of anonymity, the personnel expressed concerns over the hesitation in the release of their allowances by NCS authorities.

“This was the same manner we were treated during the 2019 General Elections. It was after much pressure, and that a selected few were paid at the Headquarters.

“We used our personal funds throughout the polls, in anticipation that our expenses would be refunded”.

The personnel claimed they were all actively involved in the election duties either as election duty officials or beefing up security in the correctional facilities across the country.

One of them said, ” The Nigeria Correctional Service has refused to pay us election allowance even when all other agencies have paid their staff whether they were on election duty or not”

Another personnel added,” Is it a crime to work in Nigerian Correctional Service? Our salary is the least compared to other sister agencies in the Ministry of Interior due to illegal deductions.

” The little election duty allowance paid to all the personnel of other agencies have hit the rock in our department. It’s so pathetic.

” We appeal to the authorities to pay our allowances and let it not enter voice mail as usual”

Reacting sharply, the assistant PRO, in the Cross River Command of the service, James Okoh said the accounts section was working on the payment.

“Until the accounts have worked on the allowances, that’s when those involved would be paid.

“It’s government money, it cannot just be disbursed that way”, Okoh said.

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