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Easter: Traders, buyers lament high cost of commodities, scarcity of funds


Easter: Traders, buyers lament high cost of commodities, scarcity of funds

Traders, business owners and residents of Osogbo, the Osun State capital have raised alarm over the high cost of consumables ahead of the Easter celebrations

A visit to Igbona, Akindeko, Ayegbaju, Olode and Oja-Oba markets within Osogbo indicated that business is going as usual even as the cost of food items has surged.

Isaac Adekunle, a resident lamenting that the cost of food had gone up, expressed concern that since the end of January, Nigerians have been confronted with one issue or the other.

“All these problems are causing unnecessary pressures. It’s as if Nigerians now live in a pressure cooker. Since January, it has been one issue or the other.

“It has been one challenge or the other. I wonder when all these will end? Probably when Bola Ahmed Tinubu is sworn-in as President on May 29!”

While complaining that his budget is now far below his expenditure, he added that he had to apply a scale of preference and forego items that were not of immediate necessity.

Speaking with DAILY POST, a trader, Olowoyeye said the cost of consumables rose due to the difficulty in getting Naira to get them from manufacturers and suppliers.

“We all know that the government policy of the Naira redesign did not help matters at all. Even with the directive given by the Central Bank of Nigeria to commercial banks to make available the old Naira, cash is still scarce.

“Nobody goes into business to lose, that’s why we must recoup the money we invested.”

A restaurant manager, Felicia Chinedu explained that having expensive festive seasons has always been a thing with Nigerians.

Expressing surprise at the lamentations of shoppers, she stated that there was a need to shop according to one’s capabilities.

“Most Nigerians see the festive season as a period for extra shopping which is why it seems that things are expensive.

“When we learn to shop according to our needs, we won’t be complaining.”

She also supported the assertion that funds have been scarce and buyers are buying many items with little cash available.

Steven Olagunsoye added that cash is still scarce and many residents still find it difficult to withdraw their monies from their banks.

“As I speak, I was in front of my bank for hours on Thursday just to get some cash for my family to have a relaxed Easter celebration.

“I had to ask myself when all these will end. Even with the directive for the old Naira to be made available to bank customers, we are still suffering.”

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