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Ethnic profiling unacceptable, Igbos need new leaders – Chima


Ethnic profiling unacceptable, Igbos need new leaders – Chima

A public affairs analyst Chima Christian said the reports of ethnic profiling in Lagos State are becoming increasingly difficult to wish away.

He recalled that what started as mere political rhetoric has now mutated to include premeditated violence and suspected arson.

“Unless concerted efforts are made, things are shaping up to get worse,” a statement Chima issued on Monday reads.

The activist said if half of what Igbos faced in Lagos over the past few weeks were to happen to any other group, “their leaders would have spoken in no uncertain terms”.

Chima observed the political elite, especially those who harbour national aspirations, have to always strive to strip themselves of their Igboness.

The statement said in the face of this worsening crisis, the people of Southeast origin must urgently help themselves with a new breed of leaders.

Chima noted that the new arrowheads must be able to speak truthfully to power, proffer well-thought-out solutions, and mobilise broad consensus.

“It is unfortunate what has happened, and will yet happen to Igbos in Lagos and other such places if this matter is not nipped in the bud,” he added.

Southeast leader, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu recently condemned the attacks on Igbos and the disenfranchisement during the Lagos election.

“Whave resolved that never, never again can we allow anybody to take the life of any innocent Igbo person. All of us are going to fight the person,” he vowed.

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