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Judging Gov Umo Eno two days into office, act of witchcraft – Akwa Ibom cleric


Judging Gov Umo Eno two days into office, act of witchcraft – Akwa Ibom cleric

A priest of the African Church in Akwa Ibom State, Reverend Richard Peters has blasted those criticizing the newly sworn in Governor, Pastor Umo Eno for the recent appointment he made, saying the criticisms were borne out of malice and witchcraft.

Our Correspondent in Uyo monitored a phone in radio programme in Uyo where some callers alleged that the governor was bound to fail for appointing an official who is allegedly not a technocrat into a sensitive office.

But Peters in his contribution noted that the people were talking out of ignorance and wondered how some people would judge success or failure of a government that has not even settled down.

“It is too early to start judging or assessing the governor just two days into his administration.

“This is devilish and an act of witchcraft to start judging somebody before he even starts work. Somebody is there criticizing the appointment, the governor only appointed his Protocol officer, Economic Advisor, spokesperson and SSG, which are very important.

“Before all these criticisms, let us see what he will do in his first 100 days in office or in his first term in office.”

While urging the people to support Umo Eno to achieve his mandate, the Cleric said, although criticisms are expected in every government, he urged the people to make them constructive.

“We know that criticism will come but not just two days in office and on the process of setting up a team that will interpret his blueprint. You cannot judge the performance of a student who just entered school two days at least you allow him undergo some necessary training, have tests then you observe his scores” He said.

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