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Prof Akoh appeals for Buhari’s assent to Nigeria Peace Corps Bill


Prof Akoh appeals for Buhari’s assent to Nigeria Peace Corps Bill

The National Commandant of the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN), Professor, Dickson Ameh Akoh has appealed passionately to President Muhammadu Buhari to assent to a Bill for an Act that would make the organization a statutory body.

The Bill for an Act to Establish the Nigerian Peace Corps (NPC) passed by the two Chambers of the National Assembly is currently on the table of President Buhari for assent having been transmitted to him last week.

However, addressing a Press Conference on the development in Abuja on Thursday, Prof Akoh said Buhari will bequeath a lasting parting gift to the Nigerian youth and would be remembered for good when he assents to the Bill.

Justifying the need for Buhari to sign the Bill, Akoh explained that its entire contents, especially tits functions are a summation of an inclusive empowerment programme for the youth and on how to harness their innate potential for the overall tasks of nation-building.

He said the passage of the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill was not only timely but an assurance to the Nigerian that the political elites are still very much conscious of the social challenges confronting them.

“Concerned with the increasing waves of unemployment and high level of poverty in the land, both past and present administrations initiated different intervention policies to mitigate these challenges.

“It is a proven fact and incontrovertible reality that once these ‘Financial Handouts’ are no longer forthcoming or delayed in coming, these same Youths go back to the streets on protest or quickly revert to social ills and unproductive preoccupations, and even sometimes back-lashing the Government.

To put a permanent solution in place, Akoh said a more robust, sustainable and institutionalized approach should be adopted to ensure the irreversibility of conditions and welfare status of our youths.

“In more developed economies, efforts are tailored towards the pre-occupation of the youths in productive ventures where they will be economically useful to themselves and the larger society.

“This is in addition to engaging them in moral, citizenship and leadership training aimed at character building and their valuable participation in nation-building.

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