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Provide palliatives to cushion effects of subsidy removal — President Tinubu advised


Provide palliatives to cushion effects of subsidy removal — President Tinubu advised

The Osun Masterminds, TOM, a political group has urged President Bola Tinubu to provide palliatives for Nigerians to address difficulties that may arise as a result of the fuel subsidy suspension.

It also noted that the difficulties if not properly managed may rubbish the good intentions behind the removal of fuel subsidy and make the Tinubu administration lose goodwill.

This advice formed the basis of an address delivered by TOM on the state of the nation for the month of June 2023 by the Executive Director of The Osun Masterminds, Professor Wasiu Oyedokun-Alli on Monday in Osogbo.

Maintaining that fuel subsidy had been used over the years by corrupt public officeholders to embezzle and keep the nation on its knees, the group said, “the bold removal shows that President Tinubu is willing and ready to take the difficult decisions for the growth and development of our dear country and her people.

“However, the removal has, as expected, come with attendant difficulties. Prices of commodities are skyrocketing. Transportation costs are now going over the roof, making life difficult for low-income earners.”

In managing the issues, TOM recommends the “Immediate upward review of the nation’s minimum wage. Salaries are one of the easiest routes to get money into circulation and the government must look in that direction.

“Payment of backlog of salaries owed ASUU. Aside from making life easier for the University lecturers themselves, injecting such funds into the economy at this time, will ease the burden on a lot of active players within the economic value chains.

“Immediate review of the Nation’s Labour laws and enforcement in the private sector. As is always said, a society is as strong as its weakest link. No matter the efforts government makes to ease the burden on people within the civil service, a larger percentage of Nigerians will continue to groan under the weight of poor finances if labour laws are not enforced in the Private sector, particularly to reflect current realities. Government at all levels must ensure that private sector workers are not made the scapegoats in our attempt to develop our economy.

“Improvement in targeted interventions to the informal sector. Government must design new approaches to reaching the informal sector with financial aid and ensuring that the aids get to the intended beneficiaries.

“Probe of parastatals, Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Under the previous government, corruption almost crippled our dear nation. Some public officeholders under that government robbed the Nation blind and are today walking freely. We call on the government of President Tinubu to commission an immediate probe of MDAs to recoup embezzled funds and channel them towards making life easy for the common man.

“Continuous strengthening of the Naira. We note with delight, the bold steps that the President is also taking to strengthen the Naira and eradicate sharp practices in our foreign exchange policies.
“Ensuring efficient and speedy implementation of other social security policies like student loans.”

The organisation also recommended that the Osun State Government put in place palliative measures to cushion the effect of the subsidy removal on the populace of the state.

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